Law of Attraction, Happiness, Manifestation. What is Your Reality?

Law of Attraction, Happiness, Manifestation. What is Your Reality?


You may have heard about the Law of Attraction, or perhaps you have even read books on the subject. But are you living your life using this powerful concept? If not, take some time to read this article, which will help you understand how your thoughts can attract your dream life into existence and help you live out the life you want to live, rather than being stuck in an unfulfilling reality that no longer serves you.

Law of Attraction, Happiness, Manifestation. What is Your Reality?

Law of Attraction

You attract into your life whatever you focus on. If you are not consciously creating what you want, then your default reality will take over and influence how things play out for you in life. In order to manifest a new reality and experience more happiness in your life we must pay attention to what we focus on everyday and make sure it aligns with our goals and dreams. The law of attraction explains that like attracts like meaning if you spend time thinking about negative things or events that happened in your past they will show up more often in your future whereas if you spend time thinking about positive events they will also appear much more frequently in your future as well! For example if I am always complaining about how my car breaks down all the time I will most likely continue to have problems with my car! Instead if I change my thoughts to say thank goodness I was able to get another day’s work done because I didn’t need to call a tow truck and spend money on fixing my car. That way even though something broke it wasn’t necessarily terrible just inconvenient! With thought power anything is possible and whether you believe it or not every thought that goes through your mind creates an energy signature which returns back to you immediately so why would you fill your head with negativity?! When we change our thoughts, vibration changes…it’s literally magick at its finest!


Money and Happiness

Research shows that as people make more money, they don’t get much happier. In fact, as people earn a higher income, they tend to set higher standards for what they believe they need to be happy; it’s called The Hedonic Treadmill. If you’re working toward earning more money or earning more in your business (or both), keep in mind that happiness may come from somewhere else—like relationships and health—and not from a better bottom line. To really tap into your full potential for attracting wealth (and happiness), you need to think about abundance differently than most people do—starting with what you really want out of life and why you want it. Then start manifesting your goals with gratitude and appreciation rather than obligation or desperation. Gratitude helps increase overall well-being, so it’s perfect when thinking about law of attraction. Here are some steps: Ask yourself, What would I like my life to look like 5 years from now? Then write down three things you would like to have in five years time. Keep writing until you cannot think of anything else you would like to have accomplished by then. Check back often and remember those thoughts regularly because looking at them will give these things even more weight energetically speaking which will help propel them forward towards manifestation! Write down all kinds of good things already present in your life—big and small!


The Universe wants you to be happy

The world around you reflects your feelings and emotions – if you want to see change in your life then change your thoughts! Manifest means to bring into reality. If you would like something to happen, use positive affirmations or visualizations as often as possible, to create that which you seek. You can also thank yourself for what you have attained and appreciate everything that has brought you to where you are now – don’t forget to do so regularly. Practice Gratitude! It brings more energy into your being and helps make room for new things you desire to manifest in your life…ENJOY it. Send LOVE out towards others and allow them to send love back towards you!! That is how it works with manifesting: we open ourselves up to receiving first and continue flowing forth an abundant amount of love (energy). WE are our own galaxies!! As above….so below…as within…so without!!! We create our own universe each day based on what we focus upon most!! How much fun is that?!? Enjoy it…be present…appreciate EVERYTHING good (and bad) happening right now. So be it!!!! Let go of limiting beliefs – anything is possible.


Law of Attraction and Self Love

Learn how to harness your law of attraction powers by learning to love yourself first. Having a genuine love for who you are and what you have will not only affect your personal reality but also those around you in a positive way as well. Loving yourself first allows for an abundance of self-confidence that manifests itself in everything you do, resulting in inner peace that overflows into all areas of your life. When negative emotions such as stress or anxiety arise in your mind during stressful times, give them no attention whatsoever. Do not allow negative emotions to rule over you; instead choose self-love and acceptance which will lead to greater happiness and better reality creation as time goes on! With self-love comes wonderful things like compassion, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, understanding and so much more. The world would be much happier if people chose to experience their lives through the lens of love rather than fear because manifesting your dreams through law of attraction just might be easier when you’re happy with yourself! And certainly one step closer towards being enlightened about Law Of Attraction techniques for manifestation…and Law Of Attraction too! : ) Afterall… Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists ~Buddha~ If you want positive change in your life and reality..then change it from within by doing something about it!


Changing your thinking to change your reality

The Law of Attraction states that your thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on what happens in your life. Put another way: What you think about expands and determines what happens next; if you focus on lack, you create more lack; if you focus on abundance, you expand your resources and opportunities. (Sometimes it’s easier to manifest money when we’re not obsessing over it.) The good news is that positive thinking can be learned and developed with practice—and the good news is that science backs up those practices as a valuable tool for improving how we feel about our world and ourselves.

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