Tantric Massage: What is it and How does it Differ from a Normal Massage?

Tantric Massage: What is it and How does it Differ from a Normal Massage?


Tantric massage is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences that you can have, but it’s often overlooked because of its unfamiliarity. In fact, the word tantric massage sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about tantric massage, including what it is and how it differs from a normal massage. Let’s dive in!

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Tantra massage is different in many ways. For one, there’s little to no touching of your genitals during a tantric massage. Additionally, sexual arousal isn’t one of its goals — instead, more general feelings of pleasure are explored in more intimate ways. If you have never experienced tantra massage before and are curious about what it could bring to your sex life, consider setting up an appointment for yourself or with your partner soon. A tantric massage can be quite therapeutic, physically and mentally — not only will you gain firsthand experience with how such a treatment can work to relax both your body and mind, but you may also discover some new methods of exploring intimacy as well.

The word massage brings images of hands gently moving over someone else’s body to help soothe tension or pain away.

Types of Tantric Massages

There are two types of tantric massages. A non-sexual tantra massage focuses on bringing pleasure to both partners through techniques like sensual touches and meditation. However, sexual tantra massage aims to bring greater pleasure by incorporating lovemaking into other tantra massage techniques. While a person can use either type of tantra massage to improve their sex life, many people interested in improving their sex lives with a partner choose to get a sexual one rather than a non-sexual one.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage has been around for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until recently that Western society has become aware of its existence. Even now, much about Tantra remains shrouded in mystery, making many people curious about what it actually entails. In short, tantric massage combines massage techniques with sexual stimulation to help people explore their sensuality and discover greater intimacy with their partner. Studies have shown that Tantra helps men improve their erectile dysfunction issues and increase stamina as well as women through sexual arousal among other things. It also provides physical benefits such as stress relief by reducing cortisol levels in blood serum which leads to lower blood pressure levels thus promoting heart health among other health benefits.

Precautions While Receiving The Service

Although tantric massage therapy is generally safe for all clients, there are some precautions that you need to consider. As with any massage service, you should tell your masseuse if you are pregnant or suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease. If you have any serious injuries or illnesses, do not use tantric massage therapy as part of your treatment plan. You will also want to keep in mind that tantric massage therapists will sometimes perform oral sex on their clients while they are receiving one of these massages.

Is Tantra massage Safe?

Tantra massage has only been around for about three decades, which means it’s one of today’s youngest massage modalities. However, tantra has existed for thousands of years in Eastern traditions. While there are lots of salacious stories about tantra out there, there’s no evidence that tantra massages ever involved sexual stimulation or gratification. So what exactly is tantric massage like? And how safe is tantric massage? Here’s everything you need to know.

History of Tantra Massage

Tantra massage is an ancient form of touch therapy that originated in India. It’s often referred to as sacred sexuality, because of its connection to sacred energy and long-lasting effects on your health, well-being, and relationship with yourself. This type of bodywork helps you connect mindfully with your body. It involves sensual caressing, sexual healing strokes, gentle tapping, breathing exercises, stretching techniques, mind/body integration techniques (such as mindfulness), and more.

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