his Is The Immune System Concept Map – Here’s What You Should Know

his Is The Immune System Concept Map – Here’s What You Should Know

How well do you know the human immune system? Can you list off the 5 parts of the immune system? Could you tell what antibodies are, and how they contribute to your health? If you’re not sure about any of this, don’t worry—it’s totally normal! If you could use some help, there’s no time like the present to start learning more about your body and how it works! Just keep reading to learn more about the immune system concept map, and how it can be used to describe all of the different components of your immune system.

 Immune System Concept Map

Circulatory system

The body’s circulatory system helps deliver oxygen and nutrients, as well as remove waste. This important part of your immune system uses a network of blood vessels to do its job.


Skin and mucous membranes

Your skin and mucous membranes (your mouth, nose, ears, anus) act as a first line of defense by blocking germs from entering your body. Your immune system sends white blood cells to destroy any foreign invaders they come across. Remember that adage don’t eat dirt? It applies here too; you want to keep your hands away from your face.


Antigen recognition

First, your immune system must recognize that there is a foreign body in its midst. Antigens are molecules that your immune system recognizes as non-self. In other words, when you get a cut or burn or eat some bad food, your body sees those as antigens—they’re foreign to your body. Your immune system also recognizes cells that aren’t functioning properly, like cancer cells and mutated cells.

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